Sight 2.14

I remember always loving art as a child

Loving art is an art to me

When February approached we would take out our scissors in class

Cut out hearts and put them on another construction called paper

It held everything together

That solid paper that I’d like to think of as a wall

I’d write to who I loved, usually mommy or daddy

Signing like graffiti, I announced my tag

It was huge


I got older, and those walls grew higher

My signage got more complex, some would say smaller

Dots to those who were far

Feeling subpar… I question my job as a receptionist

Collecting people’s gifts and announcing they’d received something special

I start to daydream about how beautiful the energetic flow of giving is and being open to receive

Then out of the blue, relativity and choice hit each other as two green bumper cars in my mind

Perceptions whirl around and out pops my inner voice

The vibration of that sound like no other art I’ve ever experienced

Something magnified suddenly and I saw under the scope something tiny

It was a bright yellow cell that said…



…and I replied, “I love you back”.