Thanks for stopping by. My name is Evy and each chance I get, I will share moments that have left me feeling challenged, pricked, probed, but ultimately helped me to understand something deeper than I ever thought possible. I'm also a meditation teacher with the capacity to take students. I'm certified by the Nalanda Institute and the Path. I welcome your thoughts and your questions. I want you to form your own aha moments. Let me know what's important to you by clicking contact. I respect your life experiences and opinions as well; we all have different paths in life and usually this serves a positive purpose! We can learn and grow from each other as long as we respect and acknowledge each other. Bullying of any type only serves to feed the ego. I give my word, to be present and respectful. No one knows it all or shares the same knowledge.. regardless of age, creed, culture, etc. Thank you for allowing me to share my AHA! moments with you!