To be or not to be: tiger balm on your temples

The other day I walked into my partner's apartment and saw tiger balm. Some background: at my home, I've put essential oil elixirs on my temples to relax so, I thought..Maybe tiger balm could work the same way.--I was sadly mistaken. The tiger balm burned my skin, leaving me with elevated red marks for several days. I received probing questions on why I did that and jokes from babe.--Yes, I laughed at myself too.


Why am I going in about tiger balm? Eh-rm..there's something deeper here. Wait for it!


We've all been there: we've taken a circumstance we've gone through before and have applied it again and again to everyday life because well, we've learned something from the past. Hell, we'll even rationalize in our mind that since it made sense then or doesn't right now, that we can only find comfort being with thoughts that we've know thus far or that keep us safe. Until..Well, you ask yourself..I may be wrong, or something isn't right--Is this how I still feel? or dang, I'm walking 'round with burns on my temples. How could this be?


The mind does this chain message dialogue guarantees that after sharing or hearing a thought for the upteenth time, that it becomes a fact and no bad can come from it. Come on, ask yourself: Can one be absolutely 110% certain about everything? Not really. We chase our happiest moments and subconsciously do not challenge our thoughts. If people have ever told you that you are behaving in ways that make you hard to deal with, you may want to consider how your behaviors trigger an unhealthy cycle and/or keep you stuck. Analyze your reactions, laugh at your mistakes but, try not to roll your eyes at curiosity--new, outside of the box or different reactions from you can be the first step to know yourself better or if not, at least it will be an experience you can learn from. 


So, back to the tiger balm scenario..if you reach two similar situations and want to apply what you know from one to the other be cognizant that what's good for you at one time may not give the same result or be good for you twice!  Think deeply before you react but accept your curiosity as a connection to your trinity and humanness. Seek. You're evolving everyday.